Pertes et incidents

Gérez vos pertes opérationnelles et incidents

Collectez, gérez et analysez vos pertes et incidents opérationnels et gérer les plans d'actions reliés jusqu'à leur implémentation.

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How long does it take to set up the solution?

The solution can be made available to our customers immediately. The time required to implement the control rules within the solution will then depend on the scope of coverage desired by the customer. To prove the value of our solution, we offer our customers the opportunity to carry out a POC (Proof Of Concept) first, on a sample of business rules, enabling them to quickly prove the return on investment of implementing the platform. In addition, we also have a catalog of business rules, enabling us to accelerate the implementation of controls within our solution.

Which teams are involved in onboarding the solution?

Although our solution enables autonomous onboarding for each customer, QuartzX provides a team of experts to support you in setting up your controls and business rules, in order to maximize the added value and speed of implementation of our solution.

How much effort is required from IT teams to implement our solution?

One of the many advantages of our solution is the availability of a set of plug-and-play connectors for market solutions, and an infrastructure requiring little technical configuration. As a result, the implementation of our solution does not generally require a high level of involvement on the part of IT teams.

Will using our solution generate additional work for your teams?

On the contrary, the task automation achieved by our solution frees up time for operational teams, enabling them to devote more time to higher value-added analysis tasks and priority issues. What's more, our solution also helps to empower business teams by enabling them to directly delegate the processing of alerts, and it doesn't require the creation of large, dedicated teams.

What types of data sources can the solution connect to?

Our solution features a set of plug-and-play connectors for the vast majority of solutions on the market, as well as generic connectors for any type of application. Our solution can therefore be connected to any type of system.

How is data integration configured within the solution?

Each customer benefits from their own management console, enabling them to manage data integration configuration autonomously, as well as carry out day-to-day monitoring.

How do you ensure data security in your solution?

Security is at the heart of our solution, which collects no additional data other than that required for your controls and that you send us.

Where are the solution's data and servers located?

We can set up servers in any region or country requested, to suit the requirements of each customer.

Can sensitive data be used in controls?

Yes, our existing customers are already using our solution for controls on sensitive data, such as controls on trading with restricted entities or controls using employee data. What's more, we have a type 2 SOC-2 certification issued by the BDO organization, guaranteeing strong security for your data.

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